Hunting in the Dark: Do Red Dot Sights Work At Night?

Hunting in the Dark
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Anyone who has already used a red dot sight to help improve their aim will tell you that they are worth it. If you’re looking for a way to up your game when it comes to hitting your intended target, then a sight is the way to go.

A sight is a device that is attached to your firearm. It provides the shooter with a red dot in the middle of the lens, calculating where the bullet will land. As a hunter, having enhanced accuracy can change the game when it comes to reducing the times you miss. But what about in dim-lit environments? Do red dot sights work at night?

In this article, we will explain what a red dot sight is, how it works, and how it can benefit you. We’ll also go over if the device can function at night or in dim-lit locations.

What Is a Red Dot Sight?

A “sight” is what you could call an extra tool that can be attached to your firearm to enhance your ability to hit a target. While it doesn’t have magnification, it does provide you with either a dot, crosshair, or another symbol to help identify where the bullet would land.

Red dot sights are designed to be used with short-ranged guns, which means that you should use them with handguns, rifles, and other short-distance guns. The reason for this is that each sight is calibrated to estimate a certain distance, such as 100 yards, and if you go anywhere above that then you may miss your target.

What Is a Red Dot Sight

Why Should I Use a Red Dot Sight?

As a hunter, you only have one shot before you scare away your target. Having a red dot sight can help provide you with extra visibility and guidance so that by the time you pull the trigger, it’s the only shot you need to take.

Sights increase your accuracy, improve your ability to lock onto a target quicker, and provide you with a better idea as to where the bullet will land on your target. All of these elements are essential when it comes to hunting, so why wouldn’t you want one?

Do Red Dot Sights Work at Night?

Sights operate by using either a laser or light to help project a red dot through a lens. The lens is designed so that it can allow only certain colors to be reflected, hence allowing the red dot light to be reflected back to your eye and onto your target.

Red dot sights will work in any lighting, provided that you have the right type of sight. There are various different sights on the market, and each one of them is designed to be used in different settings.

Different Types of Sights

Here are a few of the most popular sights:

Open Sight

These are commonly known as “iron rifle sights.” They are a classic sight set-up that has been around since the beginning of firearms. On top of the firearm, you will find a window or cutout that you can use to look through. Sometimes its a rectangle, other times it's shaped like a ring. Either way, you look through it to see where the end of the rifle barrel is. The front of the gun needs to be lined up with the target.

Dot Sight

Dot sights project a laser beam onto the lens and then focus it on where you’re aiming. These sights provide magnification, which you can use to keep both of your eyes open to track your target. They also provide you with quick target acquisition.

Why Should I Use a Red Dot Sight

Laser Sight

Laser sights are the ones that you see in movies where the sniper is sitting on top of a building with a bright red laser going off into the distance. While these units aren’t often used for hunting, they can be used in dark environments.

Telescopic Sight

These sights are known as “rifle scopes” and are the most commonly used sight for hunting. They feature a small tube that attaches to the top of a rifle. This can provide you with up to 80 times magnification, making them perfect for long-distance hunting, as you’ll have a pinpoint view of your target and where you’d like to aim.


So, among these sights, which one is the best to use during night hunts? When choosing which one to use, the first thing you need to do is consider how dark the environment you are hunting at really is. Some dot sights are explicitly created for night time use, and many of them come with night vision.

You will also be able to use laser sight at night. However, because the laser is so bright, it may scare off other animals. To solve this, you should consider choosing sights that have a brightness level adjustment feature.

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